The Unknown Connection — Snowflake

We always live in tags; hey she is so smart ! that girl is so talented! she is ugly ! he is fat! he is my boyfriend that person is just a fling, no no not my type but is it necessary to have a tag?

Humans have a set mentality of describing everyone, each and every relation and every person. It is like our next nature “Giving tags”. But imagine a life without it ?

Yes he is…or she is.. just something peaceful no explation required not to you not to the entire world let someone or some relation simply exist just like a snowflake floating in the air smoothly so peaceful right?

Every person in life has there own importance, one being the significant does reduce the worthiness of other. I mean just look at all the snowflakes, they all look pretty.

I even like babies too just because one is cute doesn’t mean others are any less or is it? Relations are like this soul connections made in heaven, for how long don’t know or may be doesn’t even matter, till it soothes you it is yours and if it is hurting it was yours.

Take the good leave the rest, don’t hold on to the person but a happy memory “you & the other” — The Unknown Connection

Just another soul like you! Be happy.